Exposed Electrical Cord and Cable Experiments

A room, nominally 3.65 m by 3.65 m by 2.44 m was constructed with a 2.43 m wide by 2.03 m high opening in Underwriters Laboratories calorimetry laboratory in Northbrook, IL. Eighteen configurations which consisted of 6 different cables and cords and 3 circuit breakers for each cable/cord type were installed in the floor just inside the opening. The six cables/cords were 18-2 SPT1, 16-3 SJTW, 12-2 NM-B, 12-3 NM-B, 18-3 SVT, and 18-2 NISPT-2. The three circuit breaker types were MCCB, AFCI, and GFCI. Explore the results from the 6 experiments below.