Comparison Series

Comparison: Ranch House Bedroom Experiments

Comparison Overview

Two replicate experiments were conducted for bedroom fires in the ranch house with front door closed (Experiments 7 and 9) and with the front door and bedroom windows open (Experiments 12 and 13). This page provides a comparison of bedroom temperatures, oxygen concentrations, post suppression images of the bedroom prior to and after overhaul.

Bedroom Temperature

Bedroom Temperature Experiment 7
Bedroom Temperature Experiment 9
Bedroom Temperature Experiment 12
Bedroom Temperature Experiment 13

Oxygen Concentrations

Oxygen Concentration Experiment 7
Oxygen Concentration Experiment 9
Oxygen Concentration Experiment 12
Oxygen Concentration Experiment 13

Post Suppression Images

Post Suppression Experiment 7
Post Suppression Experiment 9
Post Suppression Experiment 12
Post Suppression Experiment 13

Post Overhaul Images

Post Overhaul Experiment 7
Post Overhaul Experiment 9
Post Overhaul Experiment 12
Post Overhaul Experiment 13