Compartment Fire Dynamics Experiments

The purpose of these experiments is to close the knowledge gap concerning the use of fire dynamics analysis techniques which were developed with, and/or validated with, gas burner or liquid fuel pool fires by examining the applicability of these tools when actual furniture items are burned. This study will also provide a sense of the uncertainties involved in both the measurements and the analytical models.

Experimental Data

All experiments were conducted inside a compartment with a 3.7 m by 3.7 m footprint and 2.4 m ceiling height. A single ventilation opening was present at the front of the compartment in the form of a 0.9 m by 2.0 m doorway. The door was either open or closed for the entire duration of each experiment. The experimental data and processing scripts with relevant supporting documentation generated in support of this research can be found in this Github repository: Explore Full Dataset

Video Assets

Multi-view videos were built for each of the experiments conducted in this series. The videos are broken down into 6 major categories based on fuel type (furniture or gas burner) and further split based on ventilation (open or closed compartment door) for a total of 12 groupings: