Technical Panel - Impact of Fixed Ventilation on Fire Damage Patterns

To ensure the research results are of use to the fire investigation community, UL FSRI assembled a technical panel of national fire investigation experts that represent a range of forensic specialties in both the public, private, academic, and research sectors. The individuals listed below provided direction for the project by assisting in planning the experiments, witnessing the testing, and reviewing the results. The individuals are also members of a variety of organizations such as ATF, IAAI, NAFI, NASFM, NIST, NIST OSAC, and NFPA 921.

Name Affiliation
Robert Byrnes Fire Department City of New York (ret.)
Steve Carman Carman & Associates Fire Investigation, Inc
Paul Claflin Bureau of ATF, Fire Investigation & Arson Enforcement Division
Chris Connealy Texas State Fire Marshal, TDI Deputy Insurance Commissioner
Richard Dyer Dyer Fire Consulting
John Golder Forensic Investigation and Consultation, LLC
Mark Goodson Goodson Engineering
David Icove University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Thomas Kane Fire Department City of New York
John Lentini Scientific Fire Analysis, LLC
Thomas Lichtenstein UL LLC
Jeffrey Lyle Chicago Fire Department
Kevin McGrattan National Institute of Standards and Technology
Robert Pyzyna Northbrook Fire Department